Zoho One Onboarding With Precision Digital Media

Precision Digital Media is proud to announce that we are beginning Zoho onboarding in 2019! What is Zoho? What does it Do? How can it help a business systematize its sales approach and scale up?

Of course that is an open-ended question. Where would the correct place to even begin? The Zoho One suite has so many different applications—45 to be exact—that can do different functions for many different business sales models… What makes Zoho so impressive is how it has evolved over the years, that it has been around since the days of Amazon, and how it’s just getting better day by day.

In its most basic form, Zoho is a cloud-based CRM that is totally customization. It has workflows, many sales modules, email integration, webinar and meeting apps, esign forms, web forms/landing pages, social media scheduling functions, remote control tech support application, project management, customer support ticket actions, and analytics to measure literally everything with ZIA (Zoho Artificial Intelligence) that starts to predict anomalies and trends according to the data plugged into the system.

To keep it simple, Zoho is an unbelievable powerhouse of tools with Zoho  CRM as the backbone…

All these acronyms can sound confusing and overwhelming, but understanding the basic theory behind all the programs makes it very very simple and practice for any business model. The Zoho  one suite with all its applications are really just various spreadsheets ordered into an easy to use format.

For example, when a customer is entered into the CRM, then that lead has a specific customer id…  From this ID, the various programs use that ID to connect the lead across the platform. Let’s say the lead has a project or a support ticket in Zoho Projects or Zoho Desk respectively. Then the customer ID connects those projects and support tickets to the CRM, so when the lead is opened in the CRM leads module—then those support tickets and projects can be viewed. Vice versa, when the lead is viewed from Zoho Projects or Zoho Desk, information entered from the CRM side can also be seen.

So with CRM the backbone of the whole platform—as the sun is the center of the galaxy.. It makes it very simple to just think of the other planets as orbiting around the function of the Sun. When changes are made in the CRM, then the other planets respond accordingly… Its an incredibly simplified way of keeping extensive data and relevant information on a customer through the entire process—from lead generation to delivery and even after.

Another way to think of the CRM file on a customer is to think of it as a sort of customer DNA. Each customer is different—hence the word CUSTOM-er… And by having data stored like what product the customer bought, if the lead is even financially qualified, what emails they opened, what’s the best time to call the customer to get an answer, when his birthday is, how old are his kids… This very quickly sets a business apart from others in the pursuit of strong, long-lasting—fruitful relationships with its customer base!

What Is CRM?

From wikipedia,

“Customer-relationship management (CRM) is an approach to manage a business’ interaction with current and potential customers. It uses data analysis about customers’ history to improve relationships with customers… Systems of CRM that compile data from a range of various communication channels, including website, telephone, email, live chat, and more recently, social media.”[wikipedia.org]

All the time businesses want to know what’s the best CRM. And because of this indecision to find the right one… The company goes without one.  The worst thing in business is indecision because it costs the company time and money.  Which one is worse,  losing time or money, is a big question.  The answer might lean to time because money can always be made back but time is impossible to gain back…. 

It’s not about which CRM is best but it’s more important that the company has one in place that it is using effectively and consistently.  The sales team within the company must marry the CRM. The CRM is the salesperson best friend… It’s going to make follow up so much easier.  It’s going to make the sales process roll more smoothly. It’s going to shorten the sales cycle. And ultimately its going to save time and increase revenue.

Many companies that are small sized have no CRM in place.  And there is no excuse… Many times these business owners—sole entrepreneurs—claim they don’t have time… And that’s the exact reason they need such a system: they don’t have time and can’t afford not to have one. 

Often, helping these business owners understand this can be very hard. It’s the same sort of thinking that is keeping their business small. And the myth of small is just that: a myth.

Of course, initially, it’s going to take time to learn such a program. After the program is learned and worked with daily, it becomes another intricate part of the companies processes that is essential to growth and to maintenance.

“I’m not looking to grow.” He might say, “I don’t need a Customer Relation Thin… I already got Quickbooks.”

When this guy was a teenager, did he say, “I don’t need my license.. I’m not looking to grow..”

or, “I’m not going to graduate. I’m going to be a forty year old highschooler.”

This mentality is poisonous to a business and these are the same companies that are crying and throwing a fit when the economy takes a dump and the owners don’t have any idea on how to create a economy for themselves. Bet they wish they had a CRM then.

Get a CRM. It doesn’t matter which one. All it matters is that a company has one in place it’s using daily.

Why CRM Is So Important?

Maybe the question should be, why are relationships with customers so important? Its almost a joke to think businesses don’t have CRM in place. Actually, 100% of businesses do have a CRM–it’s usually just a CRMs in the business owner’s/ employees’ heads, and or sticky notes sporadically hung around the office…

The brain only can store so much data. And usually that data is patchwork, slow, and not very reliable. Unless the business owner and employees have an IQ of 200 and they remember every detail of every second of life, that’s why there is a market for CRM.

Most people aren’t super geniuses with photographic memories.

I’m not trying to sound condescending. But how egotistical is it for a company to care so little about its customers that it relies upon memory for all that important data and info of a customer file.

The reality is that it’s not that most businesses don’t care about its employees. But that it might not know about CRM or it is indecisive about which one you use.

Here at Precision Digital Media, our company uses Zoho one as its CRM. The reason is because Zoho is so good and so well established that it’s been evolving over the last 20 years with companies all over the world using it. Zoho is relatively affordable—giving access to over 45 programs for only 36$ per month.

Companies as big as Amazon use Zoho because of its proven track record. But what is so good about the Zoho one suite is how it is catered to small business and is a huge money saver. We use to use Gotomeeting for online meetings. Esigngenie for our electronic signature forms, Loomly for our social media scheduling app. Those three programs alone cost more than the whole Zoho suite combined. And there is still over 42 programs in there. It take a whole day to mention all of them, and that be just scratching the surface.

Furthermore, it’s not that Zoho one is lower quality because it’s so affordable. In fact, Zoho has corporate level products like Zoho CRM Plus that only include 7 or 8 programs. And CRM Plus runs the same cost as the Zoho one per license. But that’s how much Zoho cares about its customers, that they give all their products in one very cost effective suite so that small companies can have access to them too!

My personal experiences with the Zoho support team have been incredible. Zoho sponsors these Indian boys from age 13 and send them to college to learn programming, then these boys grow to men and end up working for them their entire life… I’ve called in to ask them if certain functions exist in the suite, like one where the Credit card fields in the CRM update when a contract is signed in the esign program. And they programmed the function specifically for my company and called me back to weeks later with the solution.

They do it because it helps evolve the program for customers’ needs. The more it evolves, the better it becomes.

I’ve been to Zoho conferences and was told by the director that the gatherings were recorded and taped. The reason is to study the customers’ questions and interactions in order to further the advancement. I remember when the Zoho instructor was demonstrating a live video chat function during the conference. It was a live chat with the team back in India. And I remember asking, ‘Is that function going to be added into the website live chat tool?’ And the instructor replied with a smile,’Yes it’s coming.’

This is why I love Zoho. I am a Zoholic.

A look into Zoho One’s Main Programs

Zoho CRM- The backbone of the entire program.  It creates a sales pipeline, assists in lead management. And it brings together various other Zoho programs into one organized way of understanding a customer’s metadata and consumer behavioral patterns.

Zoho Projects: This is for project management. Helps record, track, and collaborate projects to ensure timely and effective completion.

Zoho Desk: helps assist customer support more effectively. When a customer support ticket comes through email or website forms (Zoho webforms) then it appears in Zoho desk. Amazon uses Desk for their customer support ticket management.

Zoho Esign: Esign forms that can be sent via email so customers can finish and electronically sign contracts.

Zoho Meetings: An alternative to Gotomeeting. A very effective way of meeting with customers on a screen share, a live video chat, or on a webinar…

Zoho Books: Accounting software with recurring invoice takes, expense management, integration with inventory on Zoho CRM. Alternative to Quickbooks. Also has Zapier Quickbooks integration.

Zoho Flow: A way of connecting business apps to automate workflows.. It can get any program in Zoho One suite to talk with and trigger actions in other Zoho programs without any complex coding.

Zoho Analtyics: Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software that helps create visually appealing charts and graphs in one easy-to-use dashboard. It keeps analytics on all the Zoho programs and can be totally customized.

Zoho SalesIq: An advanced tool for tracking website visitors and live chat support on the website. Also has live chat tool for email signature integration. Sales IQ talks with CRM to funnel leads from website. Also has WordPress plugin integration.

Zoho Vault: Stores passwords and other sensitive data in one place to ensure a user never forgets ,passwords and can share passwords with other team members.

Zoho Social: Social media management tool that helps businesses grow their presence on various social platforms. Also can schedule posts from dashboard. Advanced functions for LinkedIn Premium lead generation.

Zoho Campaigns: Email marketing solution, creates templates, and schedules campaigns/newsletters. An alternative to Mailchimp. It has autoresponders and it is possible to monitor email opens and performance. Also talks to CRM to see which customers are opening emails.

Field Management Software: There are many integrations for FMS. This is a more advanced form of Zoho projects. It works very well for contractors and service industry that needs fleet management, data on geolocation, project collaboration and much more.


What is unique about Zoho CRM is the ability to customize without complex code. From modules, fields, dashboard views, workflows, Zoho is totally customizable… What can be difficult about Zoho onboarding is that without a trained Zoho Partner, then getting it up and running can seem overwhelming. This is where it is important to be patient with it, trail and testing in order to make the business processes more effective.

Zoho support teams are very helpful when it comes to catering the program to a company’s specific needs. And there are huge online communities and support forums that also help.

Take the Customization Tutorial By Clicking Here:

Case Studies

There are so many case studies across hundreds of different industries. Below are resources to view and see these testimonials:





“Where can I start? You Have access to around 40 enterprise level applications… There is the saying that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But not here… I wanted to switch to Zoho Books and Zoho CRM,  but found that for the same price, I get ALL the Zoho apps. Mind Blown. An instant buy.” Brent R.

“Zoho one is amazing for the price! Nothing can compare. With Zoho One you get sales and support software, internal chat, HR, accounting, email, cloud storage, office suite, and more!” Tyler B. Insurance Industry

“Zoho One is an OUTSTANDING value for anyone that uses several Zoho applications. Unbelievable!” Greg Smith Chief Field Specialist


There are so many different options in terms of Zoho One. The benefits and applications are endless. Precision Digital Media has tripled its sales, improved its customer service, and created a systematized approach to/ its business tasks with automatic workflows…

The point is to Systematize. And it’s not as important which CRM a company uses, but that it has one in the first place. Some CRMs are very industry specific. Zoho is totally customizable so any industry can cater it to its needs.

There are over 35 applications in Zoho. And this article touches just the tip of the iceberg. It is suggested that Zoho users train daily and attend Zoho’s regular webinars or events.

Zoho has evolved over the years and has a long track record of success. It has integrated Business Intelligence and Advanced analytics in the form of ZIA, Zoho Artificial Intelligence…

Zoho is very affordable and it would cost outrageous amounts to have all the functions/programs of Zoho by purchasing each one separately. And it would be more difficult to integrate and create automatic workflows between the third-party programs.

Zoho flow gives the option of integrating hundreds of business applications to create automatic workflows.

Zoho One is a world in itself and takes time and study to master it. There are programs on Udemy.com and through third party partners that have Elearning training platforms.

Michael Overzat,

Precision Digital Media

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Michael Overzat is the founder of Precision Digital Media. His background started when he worked for a large digital marketing and publishing agency called Action Media. He started Precision Digital as a means of helping small/medium sized businesses increase revenue, hire more, and scale up. He takes pride in seeing these companies grow to the point where they can hire more. Reach him at (301) 364-9388
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