Top Three OVERLOOKED Local Business Marketing Strategies!


From a third-party SEO company, What you might not know about Google Review Stars,
“Reviews are an important part of that mix, if a business is trying to rank well in local SEO (1).”

Reviews determine what businesses will appear on the top of Google’s search list. And considering that a whopping 78% of searches are driven straight through Google, much of the evidence suggests THIS IS THE SINGLE BIGGEST FACTOR IN DETERMINING YOUR BUSINESS’ RANKING ON THE #1 SEARCH PLATFORM IN THE WORLD!

“Not only does an enormous 97% of consumers read online reviews, but they trust reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family. To have a fighting chance in today’s digital world, your business needs to be consistently getting new reviews” (2).

In addition 82% of consumers go to review sites when looking to  buy a service or product, 89% percent make a purchase within a week of visiting review sites (29% will do so within a day), and most surprisingly, 3/4 potential customers will reverse their buying decision is a business has little to no reviews or negative ones.

Chances are, you have browsed on amazon or ebay looking for the best product based on the number of it’s 5 star reviews. Same thing when you are looking for the best auto repair shop when you break down in an unknown area, or your house needs an AC system, but you don’t know who is the most reputable hvac company in town. It’s second nature to automatically pull out the smart phone and call the companies with the most reviews.

In the age of information, How else are we going to base our judgements on?

Hence the popularity of Yelp. Yelp was started at the turn on the century when many consumers were switching over from Yellow Page (Print) Advertising into the digital era today. Before consumers were looking things up online, they were using the Yellow Pages, print, Television, Radio, and of course, recommendations from friends and family as authorities when choosing where to spend $ at local businesses… Yelp’s name is derived from the YP in Yellow Pages, and quickly grew from it’s formation in 2004 as a new way for customers to acquire pertinent information about local businesses in their area(3)

As far back as 2010, Google developers have been tapping into the growing the usage of Google Star Ratings. Facebook followed suit. Now there are dozens of review sites integrated into social networks, including apps such as Next Door which is a whole platform built around neighbors recommending local business.

Don’t get overwhelmed, Google is still the big dog when it comes to local business search..  And the trend is moving towards Google Star Rating becoming the #1 recommendation platform, if not already.

2015 marked a huge explosion in the usage of Google Star Ratings.


Starting off at $99 a month, PDM offers Review Generation for all the major recommendation platforms, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Home Advisor, Angie’s List, etc:


You might not know this, but people are starting to use facebook as they would use google (refer back to graph at beginning). In fact, the graph shows that 20% of all local business searches are going straight through Facebook. That is 7x the amount going through the all other Search Engines combined.

That is how facebook is becoming one of the top review websites for businesses,  even more so than Yelp which is gradually becoming obsolete (this has a lot to do with the fact that Yelp just like Home Advisor or Angie’s list relies upon placement on Google’s first page in search results.)  Facebook has “buy and sell” pages in every city for  consumers to shop for local products and services.  Facebook is also the perfect place to leverage pay-per click ads.

One recent example is Clear Energy HVAC… After PDM set up the company Facebook account, there was organic traffic pouring right through… Facebook has a feature which allows the business owner to monitor traffic and important data. Not to mention all the gadgets and tools that Facebook supplies to advertisers in order to target customers according to data points from emails, interests, hobbies, purchasing behavior and many more.

FB has so many tools

linkedin, Instagram, Twitter are easy sources to network for free with potential buyers. Instagram is owned by FB, and the platforms can be integrated seamlessly.  It is also very easy to acquire new followers on Instagram, and network with other business owners on Linkedin. For free!

Leads are even being generated from apps, such as is the case for HVAC contractors who utilize apps like Foursquare, Next door, even buy and sell apps like Let-go which have become secondary search avenues for local businesses

On average, 2x traffic goes through online listings than business websites. 

This is why it is imperative that business owners not only leverage social media, but in the first place,  make sure their even listed on the dozens of secondary platforms. 


Listing Management is a service we offer that “Fixes” your digital presence so that your business’ number, address, and name is accurately listed on over 70+ publishers.

Starting at $59 a month for our basic package, PDM cleans up your business listings and then monitors them in real time to ensure there are no corruptions. Imagine trying to do this on your own: You’d have to create a login for every singles website/app. Then login to each one on a weekly basis to ensure the listings haven’t become corrupted, then if you wanted to make a change in hours of operation, or upload a photo to the site, you’d have to sign onto every single one of the 70 publishers and fix the change.

With our listing service, we do this all for you. And we can make changes in real time.



3. The Basket Analogy! 

What is the Basket Analogy?

There is a national bestselling book published in the early 2000s called Why We Buy, published by Paco Underhill. It is the first time that a person and an organization did clinical studies of shopping behavior in the retail environment. Now with Amazon and the domination of internet shopping, many retail brick-and-mortar storefronts are in jeopardy of going out business, such as Payless shoes and recently, Toys-r-us. Nevertheless, the Basket Analogy is used by many online marketing gurus to this day.

Put simply, it means:

Rather than trying to hunt down and find new customers, the easiest way to make more revenue is to upsell more to existing customer base.  

It’s also known as a product pyramid:

Now, how exactly does this apply to a basket?

From the Paco Underhill’s findings in Why We Buy, customers would enter the retail environment to grab quickly a few items, and not needing a cart, the customer would rush around and grab so many things until his or her hands were full. That’s when the customer would check out, stop buying. Underhill assessed this phenomena and stores started putting baskets near the front of the store, also training employees to offer a cart to a customer when they see his or her hands full.


Now the customer can keep buying, and the shop sells more to their existing customers.

This single move made more $ for the retail brick and mortar stores billions of dollars. Rather than spending more $ to acquire new customers, sell more to existing ones!

Bringing this back to local business, whether it be an HVAC company upselling a maintenance agreement, or it be a Chiropractor who offers supplements for patients, the basket analogy is constantly overlooked when business owners seek to increase their bottom line.

The Elite Package Review Generation at 149 a month, is packaged with an upselling service for up-to thirty contacts a month:





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