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Many Chiropractor Doctors finish up their D.C. with over 100k in student debt. They are taught the ins-and-outs of anatomy, biology, and chemistry with thousands of hours of intense study under their belt. Though they are masters of the spine, relieving neck and back pain, healers of the body and bones —very few chiros are nearly as versed in the intricacies of selling their services, let alone all the innovation of 21st-century digital marketing.

A simple Google search brings up tons of information on the subject, but how is a newly crowned D.C. supposed to choose between the abundance of sometimes conflicting data. And in so many cases, the difference between one chiro’s treatment approach to another is like night and day. How is there supposed to be a one-size-fits-all marketing model that works across the board? How is one doctor who emphasizes electrotherapy and herbs in his treatments supposed to copy another who swears by weight-lifting and massage therapies? 

The answer is that there is no one-size-fits-all model that works. But instead, there are several free chiropractic marketing tips that can be catered to fit the specific perks of a unique treatment style, and the resulting patients that are searching out such services.

For example, a hallelujah experience for one patient is not going to be the same for the next. Sure everybody has a spine, and—from this basis—chiros can pick up on certain ailments and defects by comparing the characteristics to collective physical norms. But that doesn’t mean patients lose their individual identity–down to the uniqueness in the curve of their spine. Similarly, two separate chiropractic business models on different parts of the map may have an underlying likeness–but no two plans are going to be exactly the same and garner the same results.

Below is a short-list of free chiropractic marketing tips that have HUGE results but still maintain a unique approach for the chiropractor’s individual style.

Content Marketing

Any marketer knows that content marketing is not only the most beneficial but also takes the longest. Nobody just creates a content post on their website and shares it on social media and a steady flow patients come flowing through the door. That’s unealistic. It’s a day-in, day-out grind of creating fresh content that viewers find informative and useful. Domain authority comes from consistency. The more content pumped out into the Google ether, the more the search engines view the website as authoritative in its niche.

Especially since how competitive the chiropractic industry is: consistency is a must.

Of course, this gives the opportunity of the D.C. to promote his specific treatment style, informing his patients on why his stytle is most beneficial. But it also gives the D.C. the chance to become an authority in the patients’ mind.

There are ways to create targeted keyword posts by using such tools as Google Webmaster, or Jaaxy. These keyword tools give metrics on geographic location, traffic, competitors, chances of being ranked under a specific keyword, and much more.

The key is to create content related to that specific search is to ensure relevancy and conversion rates. For example, it’s not advisable to talk about ancient Chinese healing herbs with a keyword like, ‘back pain specialists Maryland.’ Unless of course, the point of talking about the herbs is a way to reduce back pain.

Lots of chiros are dishing out thousands for PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns while dropping the ball on content development, a way to get ranked permanently on search engines.

The Smoking-Hot Offer (SHO)

This doesn’t even have to be paid advertising of some sort. It could just be a simple post on Facebook. The SHO is an offer that drives the patients to take immediate action. It could be a free adjustment. It could be a free electrotherapy session. It could be buy an adjustment and get a free massage. As long as the offer is so crazy (low risk), than results are guaranteed.

There are ways to specifically target these ads for people with back pain. It could be a video, a flyer, or just a web form. As long as the offer is low-risk (an almost non-existent financial investment), then it won’t be hard to get future patients to follow up on this. A person hurting with neck or back pain is just waiting for a D.C. ad to pop up that finally gives them enough incentive to get that kink worked out of their neck. With the advent of social media, and literally penny-on-the-dollar mass ad campaigns, the time for SHO has never been better in the chiro industry. Once these people come through the door and get serviced, they’ll be back again and again and they’ll be bragging like crazy to all their friends and family.

The Magic Touch

This section doesn’t need to be explained that much. The magic touch is like how Apple products make a consumer feel. Look at the Apple website, then visit an Apple store. It’s that sleek modern feeling that carries over from the digital experience (on the website) to actually holding an Iphone X. That’s real life 4D branding. If a chiro’s website has a nature feeling to it, then the office better have a lot of green pot plants. If the chiro’s social presence has a modern, advanced feeling, then so should their office. This is a surefire way to stand apart from other chiros as the one who pays attention to details. It’s memorable. It’s consistent. And it tells the patient that this is a practice that cares about the patient experience. It’s the magic touch!

Power Of Reviews

There is one graphic that says it all. Reviews are essential to a practices growth and success. Just like nobody wants to sleep in a hotel with bedbugs, nobody wants a chiropractor who is going to break their back. Social proof and reviews tells the future patient that they can trust this doctor. It’s so easy nowadays for patients to just Google a D.C. and find all the good and bad feedback from past patients. Not only are reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp so important, but it is also a way for them to tell about their unique experiences, what sets this chiropractor apart from the rest.

Also, video reviews are becoming the new big thing. It takes 30 seconds to take out a smartphone and snap a video of the happy patient. And these videos get lots of attention.

Don’t be that chiropractor who doesn’t keep a record of its happy, satisfied patients. Nothing is worse than someone recommending a practice and then the potential patient looks the practice up only to find no social proof to validate the word-of-mouth referral from a friend or relative.

Nurture The Powerbase

The bottom line is that every practice MUST: Nurture its Powerbase. This is critical to the growth and success of a practice. The powerbase is all the patients that have already been serviced, family, friends, associates, businesses and organizations, in the direct vicinity of the practice–any person who could become a patient or may provide a referral. Like so many other industries, the owner looks for business elsewhere except for starting with the people that matter the most. These are the ones who are going to put the bread on the table, quite seriously.

Don’t forget these people. Call them. Follow up with them. Nurture them like a little Bonzai Tree.


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