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Hosting is the foundation of website building. Web hosting can very in price, service, and quality. There are large web hosting sites like Godaddy, and there are smaller affiliate networks like Wealthy Affiliate–Which one is for you and your business???

I have been with Godaddy, and I have been with Wealthy Affiliate–so I can personally tell you the range of experience that web hosting can bring.

We have used both hosting sites for local business websites, so whether you be a business owner looking for some relevant information about the subject, or you be a new and upcoming web builder–there is many things that I wish I had learned before initially committing to Godaddy for my hosting company.

Now I am with Wealthy Affiliate, and I could never be happier...

I wish I’d of known more information about that web hosting site before I chose Godaddy, and then, had to go through the tedious process of transferring domains to another host—every web developers worst nightmare.

But now, a couple domain transfers later, all my websites are hosted through Wealthy Affiliate. Not only am I paying less, able to host more sites, but I have the tools and resources that the Wealthy Affiliate network has to offer.

Here is the main reasons why I made the jump from Godaddy:

First off, Godaddy is way to expensive. In fact from Godaddy, the SSL (the secure server signified by a padlock up at top near the web url)  costs $69 alone when WA supplies it for free. And now, starting May, Godaddy sites will have a pop-up stating, ‘This site is not secure,’ when there is not an SSL. Furthermore, the cost of hosting multiple sites is no comparison to WA. So if you are a serious web developer, steer clear of Godaddy.

Second Off, Godaddy’s dashboard is nothing in comparison to WA. As well as all the abundance of information that WA users supply to each other for free, in order to build the network and help grow your business or web developing service.

Thirdly, WA  gives you extra keyword tools that help you take your website to the next level. Sure you could use Google Trends, but the tool packed into WA is superb for creating content rich posts like the one you now read–It’s a great small business marketing tool, wether you be an HVAC company seeking lead generation–or you be a fellow web developer who needs to get their webpage on Google’s first page so that you can generate warm leads for your product/service.

Overall, WA is the best bang for your buck. I can’t speak for some of these other hosting sites like Blue Hosting, but Godaddy is very popularized and mainstream and it has no comparison to WA–whether it be price or features.

The one downside to WA as opposed to Godaddy is there is no live call support. But nevertheless, you can message support and they are very quick at responding. This was something I was a little worried about at first, but WA responds even at 2am in the morning. So they are still very good even though there’s no phone support.

Besides that, I’d give WA 9.5 out of 10 as a web hosting site. And I’d give Godaddy, barely a 5.

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