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You might not know this, but people are starting to use facebook as they would use google (refer back to graph at beginning). In fact, the graph shows that 20% of all local business searches are going straight through Facebook. That is 7x the amount going through the all other Search Engines combined.

That is how facebook is becoming one of the top review websites for businesses,  even more so than Yelp which is gradually becoming obsolete (this has a lot to do with the fact that Yelp just like Home Advisor or Angie’s list relies upon placement on Google’s first page in search results.)  Facebook has “buy and sell” pages in every city for  consumers to shop for local products and services.  Facebook is also the perfect place to leverage pay-per click ads.

One recent example is Clear Energy HVAC… After PDM set up the company Facebook account, there was organic traffic pouring right through… Facebook has a feature which allows the business owner to monitor traffic and important data. Not to mention all the gadgets and tools that Facebook supplies to advertisers in order to target customers according to data points from emails, interests, hobbies, purchasing behavior and many more.

FB has so many tools

linkedin, Instagram, Twitter are easy sources to network for free with potential buyers. Instagram is owned by FB, and the platforms can be integrated seamlessly.  It is also very easy to acquire new followers on Instagram, and network with other business owners on Linkedin. For free!

Leads are even being generated from apps, such as is the case for HVAC contractors who utilize apps like Foursquare, Next door, even buy and sell apps like Let-go which have become secondary search avenues for local businesses

On average, 2x traffic goes through online listings than business websites. 

This is why it is imperative that business owners not only leverage social media, but in the first place,  make sure their even listed on the dozens of secondary platforms. 

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Michael Overzat is the founder of Precision Digital Media. His background started when he worked for a large digital marketing and publishing agency called Action Media. He started Precision Digital as a means of helping small/medium sized businesses increase revenue, hire more, and scale up. He takes pride in seeing these companies grow to the point where they can hire more. Reach him at (301) 364-9388
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  1. I still suck at leveraging social media to my advantage, so I’m currently on the hunt for some new tips and tricks to get much better results (which wouldn’t be too hard).

    Facebook is the main one I target, but it’s almost like I’m invisible on the platform most of the time, unless I pay for Facebook ads. I actually don’t mind FB ads, but trying to get traction without paying for advertising these days seems almost impossible.

    • There is one tool that I know on Instagram (for free) that helps you shadow follow anybodies followers. For example, we are targeting HVAC companies, so we are shadow following all the followers of pages like hvac life, hvac tech, and the plugin follows all the followers of that person, then you post up relevant content to the hvac industry and hvacrs who the plugin automatically followed, follow you back, and you build up a target audience. The tool is called Growbot automator for Instagtram.

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