Hvac Marketing Services

HVAC Marketing Services in 2018 are focused on three major objectives:

  1. Closing the Gap between Customer and HVAC Company
  2. Social Poof, ie. Reviews
  3. Seasonal Advertising

Closing the Gap

The space between your customer and your service is the life-line for you HVAC companies growth. Especially when an AC unit goes down and it’s 95 degrees. Lead Generation services like Home Advisor and Google Pay-per-click can run anywhere from $50-upwards to $100 a bid. These are the riskiest bids because Home Advisor is notorious for sending the same bid to multiple contractors. Adwords leads have a tendency to bounce and never turn into a lead in the first place.

Social Proof:

In addition 82% of consumers go to review sites when looking to  buy a service or product, 89% percent make a purchase within a week of visiting review sites (29% will do so within a day), and most surprisingly, 3/4 potential customers will reverse their buying decision is a business has little to no reviews or negative ones.

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Michael Overzat is the founder of Precision Digital Media. His background started when he worked for a large digital marketing and publishing agency called Action Media. He started Precision Digital as a means of helping small/medium sized businesses increase revenue, hire more, and scale up. He takes pride in seeing these companies grow to the point where they can hire more. Reach him at (301) 364-9388
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  1. Thank you for writing this post. I had not heard of precision digital media before. I think that it is nice to get more companies focussed on “closing the gap” between finding and buying goods and services that solve the customers problems.
    I know that PPC can get very expensive very quickly. Paying google $50 upwards for a single bid is BRUTAL. the person doing PPC may not even buy the product. At those prices you could easily go through $1000 pretty quickly.
    I did not know that 82% of people looking at review sites are looking to buy pretty quickly. 29% buying on the same day is great to know.
    I was just wondering what you number one strategy is for making sure that you PPC campaign is successful?

    • Facebook is the way to make sure your ppc strategy is working. As long as you are actively pursuing leads and split testing various funnel pages, etc. The reason I say facebook is because we have 24 months before big advertisers move in on facebook the same way that google had been bought up by Amazon. The key is to buy it while the getting is good. Also Instagram, building up followers using the grow bot automator tool (for free). Direct messaging decision makers, influencers on facebook and its daughter site instagram (quite literally the younger audience is using instagram and older facbook). 

      The key is to build those platforms. Any investing in Page Post Engagement (ppe) or Lead generation is worth the money and exposure. 

      All the money is made in retargeting. That is an important strategy to invest. 

      The key is to build up your pipeline. 

      Check out our content on our youtube page: 



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