The “Just Enough” Mentality Is Destroying America’s Wealth & Creating Middle Class Poverty

By Michael Overzat

You would think it’s the opposite:

That America’s Debt Problem is caused by over-consumption, poor saving habits, and throwing away money on frivolous purchases like that new Gucci bag for the wife. 

 Although it is true that people spend their money on stupid, even wasteful things… Spending too much is not the problem.

I call it ‘the poverty mentality.’

America has a ‘just enough’ problem… 100K is just enough for me and my family. Money isn’t everything. Look at all those unhappy rich people on the TV. See, Money doesn’t buy happiness.

All these trite sayings are not only completely wrong, but are tools to brainwash the masses into adopting this ‘just enough’ philosophy.

That’s Why The Average Cost Of Living Exceeds Average Household Income.1

And the gap between the rich and extreme poor continues to worsen… In fact, every time there is a major financial upheaval: the only groups that are negatively effected are earners under 350k per year.

This is not a joke… When interest rates and unemployment skyrocket, then the economy takes a dump, the only group who survives and comes out smiling is the rich…

Why you may ask?

Don’t the rich get effected too?

Nope. This is that ‘just enough’ mentality.

If a major natural disaster occurs like a hurricane or earthquake, who are the ones that die?

Is it the rich who get to jump on their private jets and leave dodge? 

Or is it the poor who don’t have the funds to pack up, leave, and insure their family’s safety? 

Or what happens when a person becomes terminally ill…

Is it the poor who have all the resources to pay for impossibly astronomical medical bills? 

There is only one group that can weather these catastrophes; and it’s not a group divided by any one race, color, religion, or creed:

The Wealthy! 

And don’t be confused, there is a huge difference between being rich and being wealthy…

Riches can be destroyed. Wealth last forever and can never be destroyed no matter what calamity.

Look at the root of the word Wealth:

“Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions. This includes the core meaning as held in the originating old English word weal, which is from an Indo-European word stem

Stem means like a tree trunk, solid, unchangeable….  That’s why during economic recessions, the wealthy (who have so much abundance) loose money too but still have so much left over that they can reinvest into assets, which in return creates a bigger gap between the rich and poor than before the economic downturn.


Look at the spike in wealth for the top 10% during the 2007 recession. This shows that the rich become richer when the economy takes a dump.

Proof that only the wealthy have the ability to weather bad events.

Not only is this Middle class think, ‘I have just enough,’ totally false. But it is actually dangerous to the survival of you and your family.

Income is your problem. You need more income if you want your family to survive. That’s the bottom line.

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Michael Overzat is the founder of Precision Digital Media. His background started when he worked for a large digital marketing and publishing agency called Action Media. He started Precision Digital as a means of helping small/medium sized businesses increase revenue, hire more, and scale up. He takes pride in seeing these companies grow to the point where they can hire more. Reach him at (301) 364-9388
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