Massive content and the law of marginal gains

Many businesses never develop a true marketing strategy because the owner never looks at content development under the lens of consistent marginal gains.

The concept was first developed for sports by British cyclist coach Sir Dave Brailsford who coached the British to two consecutive Olympics where the team won 7 Gold and the last 3 of 4 Tour De France.


Content development is much the same.

Matter of fact, any goal is achievable using this concept.

Brailsford had his team learn to incrementally grow in many aspects of cycling and life in general.

Improve not only on the track but also what pillow they used and how the team members washed their hands to prevent risk of illness.

The book atomic habits tells you how to achieve this in sports, business, personal life.

This goes way beyond just reaching something. It speaks to the little details that hold together a building or a successful organization.

Much of getting your business website to rank has to do with developing consistent content that grabs attention of the searcher. Searcher asks question, content developer answers question through great content. Or take creating a YouTube page. Either the content developer creates entertaining or informative video content over time.

The whole graph of the law of incremental gains talks of massive “baby steps” in the direction of a target.

Over- time with consistency breeds results. A website with a couple pages isn’t going to answer enough questions and drive enough content.

Neil Patel actually describes this process through his seo content development strategy. Patel is so focused on putting out content and improving that is why he has over 600k followers on YouTube and 1 million monthly hits on his website.

I have found that A big flaw in digital marketing efforts or life in general is that an attempt toward a goal underestimates the level of activity over time needed to accomplish it.

Goals are not linear, especially big ones. I mean, yes it requires time and continuous effort but it is not just a series of steps like walking on a brick path.

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It is more comparable to crossing a stream and jumping from rock to rock.
Many marketers jump around in their content development strategies, therefore the results are never fully reaped by any one activity.

Either the branding or message is fickle or the frequency of the message is not delivered often enough.

It’s comparable to a known rule of gambling where a player doesn’t invest enough in one slot to reap any reward.

A lot like sales, the follow up is given up so you never get the deal.

Below is a series of steps that describe how to rank a website. It is a lot like a latter matrix that must be pursued in synchronicity in order to achieve the end result.

That is the whole concept of the law of marginal gains. 1% here, 1% there and then you add it together to get the final product.

After this article was written, I was inspired to get an oxygen concentrator and, 200 dollars worth of supplements/vitamins (over 40 bottles bulk Memorial day sale), as well an Opove m3 pro massage gun for my back pain from bending over my screen or computer too many hours per day. Total I invested over $1000.

Don’t leave out the 25-year old bonsai tree that I had on hold at a nursery and now the Nursery just got cleared for phase 1 reopening, so I decided to give them a call and collect my little gem.

You may think I’m crazy about the supplements or the oxygen concentrator. Except its actually kind of cool I got the oxygen concentrator because I could use it while reading, working out, or creating content; don’t forget ill be prepared if I catch this covid-19 stuff..

Brailsford got his team to be the greatest out there by applying the 1% rule over time. He took it as far as to help his cycling team get better at little minute things like how they washed their hands and what pillows they slept with at night.

1%, added over time.

Even the bonsai is going to provide me that much-needed peace in order to apply the principle of consistency over time.

I’ve killed a couple good bonsai by forgetting that principle. It’s like from the movie Karate Kid, “You’re not working on the Bonsai, the bonsai is working on you.”

My logic behind all of it was that I need to apply the one percent rule to my life. Think about it, yeah I’m fortunate enough to be buying all this while people are loosing their jobs and worrying about their next meal. But the truth is that I need to take baby steps to continue to improve by 1%. And I saw the investment as a major opportunity to improve my basic health, finally use all the workout equipment I have purchased over the last 6 months but never utilized.

Oh, that’s right. You’re really going to think I am crazy for this other purchase: I also bought a $99 emf protector that is worn as a pendant. In fact, it is the oldest emf harmonizer company on the market, Q-link, which has been double-blind peer reviewed in many prominent University Studies.

It helps harmonizer the emf from the devices so it doesn’t mess with cells in the body, as well as all sorts of effects on iron in the blood, list goes on of the positive effects.

Who knows if it really makes a difference until a try it, but I figured I spend enough time on electronic devices that why not take some extra precautions to make sure it isn’t messing up my brain frequencies and taking me out of optimal state.

Yeah, I’m a nut. The reality is that you have to be crazy in some regard to start your own business, and go through the ups and downs of running so many factors at any one given time. Why not treat your content development strategy and overall perspective toward business, success, or any goal for that matter, with regard to the same tenacity and drive that made you go after it in the first place.


Goals take time, and steps, sometimes leaps and bounds.

A content development strategy that puts incremental steps toward spreading a consistent message out to an audience that has a particular, urgent need.

It’s rather fulfilling to see the steps. Below is a video to help you understand how I used the principle of marginal gains until developing a consistent, directed content development strategy:


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