Luck Roofing SEO is a project we’ve been working on for the last several months. Luck is a family owned roofing and exteriors company based out of Fort Smith, Arkansas that specializes in roof replacements due to storm damage from Hail, wind, or tornados.

We built the site using a paid WordPress template that was customized to fit the green, shamrock color scheme of the project.

A roof replacement job. These are the sort of target homeowner’s who Luck Roofing is going after to help there Google My Business SEO of their office at 400 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith.

The website features multiple widgets from Atlas shingle manufacture that can actually show the color scheme of the roof if a homeowner uploads a picture of the front of the house. It is a real cool widget that roofers can use to make their site more interactive.

You can see that tool here.

We are doing an SEO keyword optimization that involves creating content for Insurance related information, types of roofs, general knowledge about shingle products, etc.

Here is an example of an article we wrote about “How to build a roof to last in Arkansas.”

These sort of content rich posts help bring genuine, local visitors who want or need a new roof. Over time this content is crawled by Google and eventually drives traffic and ads to the local search optimization of the site.

We do not have firm numbers for return-on-investment for the Seo strategy but we are going to update this article in the future to reflect the long-term strategy of the keyword content creation.

If you need help with content creation and ideas for how to build a comprehensive, local Seo strategy, feel free to reach out to our office or staff to learn more.

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