Gordon’s – A Recent Case Study

Gordon’s Heating and Cooling
Review Generation

15+ Reviews in less than one month*

Gordon’s HVAC Located in LaVale, MD 201502,
had a noticeable increase in views of his GMB Listing.
This is a provable result to SEO and Lead Generation.

Client: Tim Gordon, Gordon’s Heating And Cooling

* These two graphs represent one month, June 2018, and one quarter respectively.

Huge Increase In GMB (GOOGLE MY BUSINESS) Views!

Notice that Gordon’s experienced the spike highest in four months,
even though AC season had been well into effect.

As in this example, your HVAC Company can benefit tremendously from this program.
Boosting Tool – The Review Generation Program is set up to be very easy to use,
whether a one-man or multi-tech HVAC company. This is essential.

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 The Sooner You Start, The Sooner You Will See Results!

Impressive Results!

A Marked Change In Page Views For Gordon’s Heating & Cooling In LaVale, MD

Google My Business Growth:
When Seriously Evaluating SEO Growth, It Is So IMPORTANT
To Have Accurate, Up-To-Date Data On GMB Performance.


• Review Generation
• SEO Boosting
• Listing Manager
• Google Plus Auto Reshare

• Higher Ranking Above Competitors On Google
• More Traffic
• More Search Results
• Higher Conversion Rates

• More Calls
• More Web Leads
• Save Money On Advertising


 The Review Generation Program – Click Here To Find Out More

New Leads + Higher Conversion Rates = New Customers

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