Massive content and the law of marginal gains

Many businesses never develop a true marketing strategy because the owner never looks at content development under the lens of consistent marginal gains. The concept was first developed for sports by British cyclist coach Sir Dave Brailsford who coached the British to two consecutive Olympics where the team won 7 Gold and the last 3 of 4 Tour De France. Impressive. Content development is much the same. Matter of fact, any goal is achievable using… READ MORE

Best Email Marketing Strategies For 2020 (email is not dead)

There is always the naysayers who bash on email. They say, “It is a thing of the past.” Or, “It doesn’t work anymore.” Even, “I didn’t see a return on investment with my email campaigns, so it doesn’t work anymore.” These are the same people who say cold calling is dead. Or Facebook ads are overrated. Whatever, their loss. The reality of email marketing is that it is alive now more than ever: 1) By… READ MORE

Why EVERY BUSINESS Needs A Learning Management System. Talent LMS REVIEW


Brad Lea is the creator of Lightspeed.vt which is a very advanced learning management platform that big names like Grant Cardone and Anthony Delmedico use to host their respective online training courses. Cardone University is one of the number one sales training platform in the world, while Storm Venture Group University is by far the biggest LMS for storm restoration contractors. Each learning program has hundreds, if not thousands of hours of content including quizzes… READ MORE

7 Reasons Digital Marketing Beats All Other Advertising

It’s the fastest growing marketing channel with no signs of slowing down. More advertising dollars are spent on Digital Marketing now than last year. And the year before that. In fact, most companies spent more on digital marketing in 2017 than they did in 2016, and plan to increase spending in 2019. This shouldn’t come as a surprise—marketing has always been about three things: location, location, location. And today, your target market is largely online. Marketers are focusing… READ MORE

E.A.T Update: Latest Google Algorithm Change

This update isn’t exactly new. It was first announced in August of 2018.. It is part of a sweeping effort from Social Medias, Search Engines, And Referral sites in order to produce relevant, quality content.. Remember after the election–all this talk of Russian troll farms…. Then this talk of fake news. Well, this is a large reason for Google’s new E.A.T update… Think about it this way: if search engines supplied irrelevant or poor search… READ MORE

Zoho One Onboarding With Precision Digital Media

Precision Digital Media is proud to announce that we are beginning Zoho onboarding in 2019! What is Zoho? What does it Do? How can it help a business systematize its sales approach and scale up? Of course that is an open-ended question. Where would the correct place to even begin? The Zoho One suite has so many different applications—45 to be exact—that can do different functions for many different business sales models… What makes Zoho so impressive… READ MORE

The “Just Enough” Mentality Is Destroying America’s Wealth & Creating Middle Class Poverty

By Michael Overzat You would think it’s the opposite: That America’s Debt Problem is caused by over-consumption, poor saving habits, and throwing away money on frivolous purchases like that new Gucci bag for the wife.   Although it is true that people spend their money on stupid, even wasteful things… Spending too much is not the problem. I call it ‘the poverty mentality.’ America has a ‘just enough’ problem… 100K is just enough for me and… READ MORE

The Middle Class Doesn’t Exist (Less Than 350k Per Year Is Poverty)

Written By Michael Overzat: Why Do Politicians Constantly Herald The Middle Class As The End All Be All Of Financial Well-being?  The average cost of living in many American Cities exceeds the median household income: “The U.S. Census Bureau reported in September 2017 that real median household income was $59,039 in 2016, exceeding any previous year.1“ Nevertheless, expenses for an average American household exceed that number at a total of $66,768.2 That’s if you low ball all the… READ MORE