Michael Overzat’s Theory On Digital Marketing

There are three things that drive Michael Overzat crazy about companies’ digital marketing strategies: 1) They don’t have one. 2) They outsource it entirely with the mentality, “I got that covered.”  3) They abandon traditional sales methods.  Seriously, it drives Overzat mad. He runs into companies all the time that literally have no digital presence, and then these business owners wonder why they are paying outrageous amounts for third party lead sites like HomeAdvisor or… READ MORE

The Very Best Free Chiropractic Marketing Tips

Many Chiropractor Doctors finish up their D.C. with over 100k in student debt. They are taught the ins-and-outs of anatomy, biology, and chemistry with thousands of hours of intense study under their belt. Though they are masters of the spine, relieving neck and back pain, healers of the body and bones —very few chiros are nearly as versed in the intricacies of selling their services, let alone all the innovation of 21st-century digital marketing. A… READ MORE

The Most Effective HVAC Marketing Services In 2019

a red technician shaking the hand of a man with his wife in front of an air conditioning unit

Here is a shortlist of ideas, strategies, and tips that Precision Digital Media employs to market other HVAC companies. Over the years, HVAC Marketing Services have evolved with the explosive growth of the internet, while also the decline of traditional advertising methods like direct mailing, billboards, television, and radio. Many HVAC companies are still in limbo, not fully utilizing the advent of the digital age. Furthermore, there is a deluge of disinformation out there about… READ MORE

5 Ways To Easily Market Your Chiropractic Practice

1) Use Funnel Pages Lead generation is built upon list creation, whether it be a b2b marketing company cold-calling a lead list, or it be a chiropractor practice creating an email list to market special offers. Funnel pages are exactly as the name implies; it is funneling potential prospects to take an action on an embedded form, whether that be to submit an email to receive a free digital download or it be to purchase… READ MORE

5 Reasons Why Google Reviews Are Crucial For Real Estate Agents

The sale is closed up. Your client is happy. And you don’t feel like bothering them, ‘Hey, would you please leave me a review on Google.‘ In fact, you don’t even know if they have a Google account. You DO realize how important reviews are, but you’re stuck in this dilemma of how to get them without pestering your client. . That’s where our company comes in… We’ve set up an SMS text message system… READ MORE

What Netflix’s New Interactive Film Bandersnatch Taught Me About Content Creation


I believe the future of television, video games, content creation, as well as social mediums can be seen in the new Netflix release Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.. The film was released on December 28th, with almost no PR campaign except for one sneak trailer that teased about an interactive form of video streaming. When I first saw the movie pop up in my Netflix feed, I had a quizicall reaction after reading the film description. It… READ MORE

Is Word-Of-Mouth Dead In 2019?


Relying on word-of-mouth is a sure way to get left behind in a cutthroat marketplace Look, I’m not trying to make this new bold claim that word-of-mouth marketing is dead in 2019. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Now more than any time in history, people have access to word-of-mouth testimonials, reviews, and referrals than ever before. Google, Facebook, & Yelp reviews can have a tremendous impact on a business, for good or worse. There… READ MORE

My 20 Biggest Lessons Of 2018 As A Small Business Owner

My name is Mike and I run a Digital Marketing Agency that first opened this time last year.  2018 was an up and down year for Precision Digital Media, but overall—I took away HUGE insights about how to run a successful marketing company in 2019. Even though the insights are specific to my experience, I have worked with hundreds of small and medium sized business owners—and I have noticed certain reoccurring themes that come up… READ MORE

What We Offer

CONTENT Best Web Design & Development – When it comes to websites, original content is king and keywords are the keys to optimal rankings. Higher rankings and optimal keywords will flood your site with more traffic and more leads.   LEARN MORE TRAFFIC SEO Optimization – We will come up with an SEO strategy based on your field of business. Higher rankings above competitors on Google means more search results.   LEARN MORE COMMUNICATION Live Chat Tool… READ MORE