What Netflix’s New Interactive Film Bandersnatch Taught Me About Content Creation


I believe the future of television, video games, content creation, as well as social mediums can be seen in the new Netflix release Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.. The film was released on December 28th, with almost no PR campaign except for one sneak trailer that teased about an interactive form of video streaming. When I first saw the movie pop up in my Netflix feed, I had a quizicall reaction after reading the film description. It… READ MORE

Is Word-Of-Mouth Dead In 2019?


Relying on word-of-mouth is a sure way to get left behind in a cutthroat marketplace Look, I’m not trying to make this new bold claim that word-of-mouth marketing is dead in 2019. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Now more than any time in history, people have access to word-of-mouth testimonials, reviews, and referrals than ever before. Google, Facebook, & Yelp reviews can have a tremendous impact on a business, for good or worse. There… READ MORE

My 20 Biggest Lessons Of 2018 As A Small Business Owner

My name is Mike and I run a Digital Marketing Agency that first opened this time last year.  2018 was an up and down year for Precision Digital Media, but overall—I took away HUGE insights about how to run a successful marketing company in 2019. Even though the insights are specific to my experience, I have worked with hundreds of small and medium sized business owners—and I have noticed certain reoccurring themes that come up… READ MORE

Gordon’s – A Recent Case Study

Tim gordon working on an heating unit with blue gloves on

Gordon’s Heating and Cooling Review Generation 15+ Reviews in less than one month* Gordon’s HVAC Located in LaVale, MD 201502, had a noticeable increase in views of his GMB Listing. This is a provable result to SEO and Lead Generation. Client: Tim Gordon, Gordon’s Heating And Cooling * These two graphs represent one month, June 2018, and one quarter respectively. Huge Increase In GMB (GOOGLE MY BUSINESS) Views! Notice that Gordon’s experienced the spike highest… READ MORE

What We Offer

CONTENT Best Web Design & Development – When it comes to websites, original content is king and keywords are the keys to optimal rankings. Higher rankings and optimal keywords will flood your site with more traffic and more leads.   LEARN MORE TRAFFIC SEO Optimization – We will come up with an SEO strategy based on your field of business. Higher rankings above competitors on Google means more search results.   LEARN MORE COMMUNICATION Live Chat Tool… READ MORE

The “Just Enough” Mentality Is Destroying America’s Wealth & Creating Middle Class Poverty

By Michael Overzat You would think it’s the opposite: That America’s Debt Problem is caused by over-consumption, poor saving habits, and throwing away money on frivolous purchases like that new Gucci bag for the wife.   Although it is true that people spend their money on stupid, even wasteful things… Spending too much is not the problem. I call it ‘the poverty mentality.’ America has a ‘just enough’ problem… 100K is just enough for me and… READ MORE

The Middle Class Doesn’t Exist (Less Than 350k Per Year Is Poverty)

Written By Michael Overzat: Why Do Politicians Constantly Herald The Middle Class As The End All Be All Of Financial Well-being?  The average cost of living in many American Cities exceeds the median household income: “The U.S. Census Bureau reported in September 2017 that real median household income was $59,039 in 2016, exceeding any previous year.1“ Nevertheless, expenses for an average American household exceed that number at a total of $66,768.2 That’s if you low ball all the… READ MORE

Top Three OVERLOOKED Local Business Marketing Strategies!

1. REVIEWS,aka SOCIAL PROOF From a third-party SEO company, What you might not know about Google Review Stars, “Reviews are an important part of that mix, if a business is trying to rank well in local SEO (1).” Reviews determine what businesses will appear on the top of Google’s search list. And considering that a whopping 78% of searches are driven straight through Google, much of the evidence suggests THIS IS THE SINGLE BIGGEST FACTOR IN… READ MORE