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Our Mission

Bring the hands-on, personal nature of your business to the forefront of your customers’ mind.
Condense the wedge/impasse between our customer and great products/tools/services.
Paint your picture with a high quality website, provide accurate listings & reviews across the web,
and brand your presence and increase visibility with immersion into social media.

Everything at PDM goes back to the customers’ wants and needs in this ever-changing marketplace.

Meet Our Team

Andrew Romano, Customer Acquisition & Business Strategist
Andy has brought a tech-driven approach to growing Precision Digital Media. He has been on since the company’s founding, and is constantly looking for new tools/avenues to generate ROI (return-on-investment) for our clients. With his insights, he helps us make a difference in your business!

Angelica Spurigo, Director of Operations and Social Media Specialist
She is a brilliant graduate from the California College of Arts in San Francisco, CA. She has a knack for web development, graphics, anything content related, and is very keen on details. She manages multiple Facebook pages for clients who need it, as well as several Instagram accounts. Her strong work ethic and enthusiasm are the driving force keeping operations at Precision Digital Media running smoothly.

Bethany Hankins, Customer Success Manager
Customer relations is what Bethany is all about. Bridging the gap between our clients and their customers, Bethany opens communication and connects people with people. In addition, she takes control of your business listings to ensure correct and complete information is supplied across all platforms. After all, it’s your reputation at stake!

Darla Moore, Director of Project Fulfillment and Senior Web Developer
From California and CSU, Chico, Darla has over 20+ years of web development and graphic design experience, including a background in phone books, magazines, newspapers, as well as copy writing and editing, to name just a few of her talents. She has advanced skills in various programs and SEO techniques to bring the best quality websites to our clients.

Michael Overzat, Chief Executive Officer
As a marketing & sales executive, Michael discovered there was a lot more behind-the-scenes work involved in the creation of a high-quality website. To make the web work for his clients, he offered more advice and services than what was currently available from his firm. The only way to solve this disconnect and make his clients successful would be to branch out to his own company. Founded in 2015, Precision Digital Media is proud to be your partner in success.

Richard Martinez, Financial Analyst & Trend Forecaster
An innate problem-solver with analytical skills, Richard is able to forecast business, industry, and economic trends to keep us leading the way in innovative tools and services for companies to survive and succeed above others on the web. Graduated in 2010 from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

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mto121494 Administrator
Michael Overzat is the founder of Precision Digital Media. His background started when he worked for a large digital marketing and publishing agency called Action Media. He started Precision Digital as a means of helping small/medium sized businesses increase revenue, hire more, and scale up. He takes pride in seeing these companies grow to the point where they can hire more. Reach him at (301) 364-9388

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