5 Ways To Easily Market Your Chiropractic Practice

1) Use Funnel Pages

Lead generation is built upon list creation, whether it be a b2b marketing company cold-calling a lead list, or it be a chiropractor practice creating an email list to market special offers.

Funnel pages are exactly as the name implies; it is funneling potential prospects to take an action on an embedded form, whether that be to submit an email to receive a free digital download or it be to purchase a product.

Chiropractors benefit so much from funnels because when a person has chronic back or neck pain, it’s not hard to make a Smoking Hot Offer (SHO) in order to get them through the funnel.

There’s an enormous amount of information out there about how to create click funnels, but some practices are too busy or don’t want the headache.

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From performancefunnels.com: “We’re seeing a LOT of chiropractors having huge levels of success using ClickFunnels marketing campaigns to get new patients in the door consistently, without relying on Groupon or other third party offer platforms. Creating an attractive new patient offer funnel and then promoting it locally via Facebook ads, Instagram ads, email campaigns and social media is one of the best ways to generate new revenue for any chiropractic clinic currently.”

2.) Get More Social Proof, ie. Testimonials and Reviews.

Social proof is the back-bone of every successful business. Back in the old days, it was word-of-mouth. Now it is word-of-web. Customers have the ability to blab away on nearly every social platform, for good or worse.

In fact, in the healthcare industry—-reviews are essential to a business’ success. This infographic shows that healthcare is next to restaurants and hotels for how much consumers rely upon social proof. Nobody wants a hotel with bedbugs, a restaurant with cockroaches, nor a chiropractor who breaks their back.

From perfectpatients.com : “Go to Google and search your practice name. Then, search your name. Pay attention to any review sites that appear in the results and look to see if you have any reviews. If you don’t have any, now is a good time to setup your profile on reviews sites such as HealthGrades and Yelp.

Already have reviews? Check to see that you have claimed your profiles and they are complete with accurate information. Read through your reviews and thank reviewers who left positive comments.”

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3) Get Involved In The Community

Chamber of Commerce, blood drives, churches, PTA meetings, fundraisers, charity events, local country clubs, trade shows, the options are literally endless. There is a famous expression: Your network is your net worth.

Obscurity is the biggest killer of business. If I don’t know you, I’ll never buy from you. Kill obscurity by going out in the community and filling your schedule with tons of events. Then when Uncle Joe’s back hurts, he’s going to remember that friendly chiropractor down on Main Street who he met at the little league game. This is the most common sense way to instantly build up more clients, but is the most overlooked.

4) Have A Website That Actually Converts

What good is it to have a website that never gets a call? Seriously. It can be the nicest website in the world with tons of traffic, but if it’s not converting that traffic—what good is it?

Conversely, if it’s a website that has the ability to convert, but nobody can find it on the search engines—that’s just as bad.

A chiropractic website needs to rank on the search engines, and be able to convert traffic into paying patients. Furthermore, the functionality of the website needs to be user-friendly, meaning that there needs to be a scheduling app on the website where patients can go on it at their convenience and schedule—and pay right through the website.

Lastly, there needs to be a live chat tool on the website so that in real time the prospect can have their questions answered. The website needs to be trackable, so that the data can be monitored and analyzed effectively.

5) Improve Traditional Sales Methods

I’ve been into a chiropractor office before which was very busy. I left them my information and requested a call back when they had some open slots. A day goes by: no call. A week, still nothing. A month later: I’m getting adjusted at a different practice.

Follow up is essential to building a customer base. Having an effective CRM (customer relationship management) system is essential to catching those low-hanging fruits that are otherwise getting lost in the fray.

But not just follow up, what about cold calling? It might sound crazy, but it’s pretty simple: outbound=inbound. If I ran a practice, I would have a secretary spending two-three hours a day on calling every mobile number I could get my hands on in a 10 mile radius of the practice. I’d be calling all the other local businesses, giving them free sessions. I’d be outbound like a madman.

What about email marketing? Does your email newsletter track metrics? Does it know who opened the emails and when? For every email opened, that would be a follow up call: “Hello Mr. Walkerson. This is Mike with Spine Health. How are you today? Great to hear. Let me ask you, how has your neck pain been since we last treated you on a scale of one to ten?”

It’s so simple.

So many low-hanging fruits that could be packaged, rapped, and sent off to the super-market without having to spend another dime on outbound advertising campaigns.

If you aren’t using all these tools and techniques, give us call today and let’s get started.


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