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Best Web Design & Development – When it comes to websites, original content is king and keywords are
the keys to optimal rankings. Higher rankings and optimal keywords will flood your site with
more traffic and more leads.   LEARN MORE


SEO Optimization – We will come up with an SEO strategy based on your field of business.
Higher rankings above competitors on Google means more search results.   LEARN MORE


Live Chat Tool – Turn your website into an Instant Communication Center. Aside from phone calls and emails,
contact forms and live chat messenger helps turn visitors into customers.   LEARN MORE


Better Listings & More Customer Reviews – Our online services will create a presence in search engines
and webportals for your business that captures more leads and higher conversion rates.   LEARN MORE


Social Media Monitoring – We understand how important it is for you to stay focused on your business. That’s why we
will manage your Facebook page and Instagram for you, and save you money on advertising.   LEARN MORE

Keep the work flowing and the customers growing by building up your reputation across the web.
Backed by a hands-on tech support group, you no longer have to worry about whether your customers are finding you,
doing SEO, being listed accurately, over spending on advertising, or bad reviews you can’t change.
We bring it all together for you.

Comprehensive Analysis: We will develop an SEO strategy
based on the strengths and weaknesses of your existing site.

We will get back to you with clear, actionable and prioritised list
of recommendations to help improve your current website.



“Awesome job on Air Quality page… I like their straight forward and honest approach from the advertising side.
When they created my websie they actually listened to what I wanted out of the site and incorporated my ideas
with their strategic plan. We are very happy with the website. They are very proactive with the advertising
and have very creative ideas for targeting new customers and maintaining the existing customer base.”

 Joe Rosenberg,
Owner Sunstate Mechanical Contractors


“I run Hilo Auto, the 5th largest car dealership in MD. Mike is working with us
on reviews and I’m very happy with the results!”

Bo Cavell, Owner of Hi Lo Auto Sales


“A great company to work with! We are a small company that wanted to improve our google search ranking
and to optimize our website for conversions. And they delivered. But what helped the most was
that their team educated us all about what to focus on in our digital marketing strategy.
With so much noise out there, Precision Digital Media gave us the knowledge to improve in the short term
and the confidence to take that and grow it in the future. The numbers all improved significantly
in the first 6 months that they worked with us, and they have continued to grow. If you are
a company looking to grow, Mike and his team are great to work with!”

Jason Harbeck,
Owner Premier Pools & Spas


“I researched online for a web design company last year to provide a more professional look to my website.
Michael’s team is made up of dedicated, knowledgeable, and creative individuals. I would highly
recommend working with this company for a professional website!”

Harold Alsobrook,
Owner Clear Energy LLC


“This is a really good system for my clients. They are able to get reviews from their
customers and they post to the platform chosen. Makes it really easy.”

Kristen, Owner Hash Tags Media


“I’ve worked with multiple marketing agencies over the years, and Precision was among the best communicators.
We communicate through email and regular conference calls. This is one of the benefits of working with
Precision, you get to work directly with the founder. Michael is great about keeping in touch.
If I have a question, they respond very quickly.”

Nacho Mireles,
Owner Pacific Coast Carpet Cleaning


“Wow! That looks impressive!”

 Brian & Jodi Fisher,
Owners Fisher HVAC

Paint your picture with a high quality website, provide accurate listings & reviews across the web,
and brand your presence and increase visibility with immersion into social media.

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